Jim Luke’s Medical Miracle

Wade Jackson

My medical journey began in 2019, when I was diagnosed with leukemia, and my doctor gave me a 40% chance of living. This was just before we were to fly to Tennessee to meet the birth father I had never known!

Country singer & band leader, Wade Jackson, was the father I never knew.  He met my Mom in Germany in 1948.  He was sent to Korea, never knowing she was pregnant.  I was later adopted after Mom married my stepdad, Sargent Major Luketich, and I became an American citizen.

Our daughter, Juanita, bought my wife and I “23 & Me” kits for Christmas a few years back, since neither of us knew our heritage.  Then I got a call from a sister I didn’t know I had in Tennessee.  Her sister in Houston is the mother of my nephew, whose bone marrow transplant saved my life.

We were able to attend Dad’s funeral after my leukemia went into remission. My wonderful new family gave me  his harmonicas & stage shirts.

Wade played in the summer tours of the Grand Old Opry for many years.
He wrote the country Classic “Don’t Be Angry,” recorded by my Uncle, Stonewall Jackson, and Donna Fargo.  I used to perform the song in the 1970’s with a country band called the Telecasters.

I am planning a musical heritage album of favorite songs and originals.